The Mabel Fund

Cannot afford to get a diagnosis for your pet? At Free Animal Doctor we usually request a written diagnosis and estimate for cost of treatment, before setting up a fundraiser. But sometimes owners cannot afford this. The Mabel Fund can help, paying up to $500 toward the cost of an initial veterinary exam.

Available in The Mabel Fund:

How to apply:

If you know your pet has a health problem, but have not been to the veterinarian because you cannot afford it, go ahead and submit a campaign to us CLICK HERE.

On the form you will be asked for a diagnosis and estimate amount. Just write "Not known" in these fields. We will get in touch and go over the terms of getting assistance from the fund. You will need to provide some evidence of financial hardship, which we will discuss with you.

About the fund:

The Mabel Fund is the creation of a frequent donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The fund is named for this person's beloved dog Mabel who passed from cancer related health issues. The fund started in January of 2022.

Helped by the Mabel Fund:

Thor: $289 for further cancer testing


Thor probably has bone cancer, but before his owner can get a treatment plan from the Oncologist, there needs to be a ~$300 test done. Thor's owner already spent over $1200 did not have the money for this test. Thanks to the Mabel Fund, Thor will get his test and can proceed with diagnosis!

Betty: $20 for medications

Betty was chronically sick, throwing up and not eating. Her owner wanted to surrender her, and had been quoted over $2000 from a vet for testing! Our vet treated her successfully, and we got her adopted. Cost, only $20 for medications.


Cooper: $342 for immediate care


Little guy was surrendered to a neighbor, but she couldn't pay all of the bill. He had Parvo and needed immediate treatment. Working with the rescue Dream Fetchers, we contributed $342 to his immediate care, and then set up a fundraiser for the rest.

Pixel: $200 for diagnosis

Pixel is a rescued stray. She has some serious dental problems, but her mom cannot afford the vet visit needed to get that estimate. She needs an exam and x-rays. So the Mabel Fund is paying for that, so Pixel will get a clear diagnosis and treatment plan that we will then raise money for!


Marley: $1000 for immediate care


Marley's owner is unable to walk, having a condition related to Lou Gehrig's disease. Marley got out of the yard and was hit by a car, breaking his right rear leg very badly. This owner does not have enough money to pay for the orthopedic surgery he needs, so the Mabel fund was able to donate $1000 to get Marley treated immediately. Details on recovery coming soon.