It’s probably not a problem!

Episode 2: Why does my dog eat grass?

Does your dog eat grass? Here is the good news: It’s probably fine. In our next episode we will discuss when it can be a problem, and plants to avoid. But for now, let’s look at why dogs eat grass. Here are seven of the most common theories, and more than one may be correct!

One: It’s instinct. Wild dogs, including wolves, have been observed eating grass. So, we can probably assume part of the reason is almost certainly instinct.

Two: Your dog is bored! Eating grass can be fun. Dogs interact with the world through their mouth, much like we use our hands. It may be that your dog just finds it a fun thing to do… and maybe isn’t getting enough stimulation. Go walk your dog and play with him!

Three: Upset stomach. There is some evidence that grass may help with an acid in the stomach, and/or help an upset tummy throw-up. A lot of vets like this theory, but there is not 100% consensus.

Four: Maybe your dog is missing a nutrient? Some holistic vets say dogs might be seeking chlorophyl in the grass, but this theory is generally not accepted.

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Five: It might help your dog just feel full. Simple as that.

Six: Your dog could be thirsty! Grass has water in it, and can have dew on it. If your dog eats grass only in the morning or evening, especially on hot days, this might be part of it!

Seven: Some behaviorists say some dogs eat grass to get attention. They eat the grass, you try to stop them, hey, they got attention! Could be, though we are skeptical.

Generally speaking most vets think eating grass is not a problem. But there can be some issues with it, and there are plants to avoid. More on that in our next episode!

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  • Capt Mitch

    One and three are compatible explanations. Mine usually urp some somach fluid with the grass. They defintely prefer new growth and more tender grass.

    April 10, 2023 at 2:54 pm Reply