Our blog has gone to the dog!

Not "dogs", but to The Dog: Bob

For the New Year we are rolling out "The Daily Bob"!! What is that? Well just what it says: Everyday you get a Bob 😉

Bob is a rescue, a stray little guy with a broken leg, that was fostered by one of our Founders, Sam Bernardo. Bob ended up as a so called "Foster Fail", which is when a foster family ends up adopting the dog they are fostering, and since then Bob has become a sort of mascot for Free Animal Doctor.

So starting in January (now), we are going to post a daily picture from Bob's life. That's all. The daily life of a rescued doggo, livin' it up! To get you started, here is a roll of a full week of Bob.

On Thursday he had a pic with his buddy and roommate Scruffy. And on Friday the maid brought him new sheets (hard life Bob has). Stay furry, adopt (don't shop), and follow Bob here and on social media!

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