We may be able to help you raise funds for your pet's treatment! We want to help, and we hope we can. We do NOT require income verification or anything like that. We keep it simple, and fast. But please read these notations first! Thank you:

  • You must submit this online form for help (below)
  • We will call you! Please answer the phone, it speeds up the process a lot!
  • You must be the owner of the animal, OR you must be authorized by the owner to deal with this case on their behalf, and we will need to talk to the owner to verify that! (And there must be a good reason, for example: the owner is elderly and cannot deal with the situation well.) Please please please do NOT submit requests for help for OTHERS, especially cases you have just seen online, but do not have a direct personal relationship with the owners! Have them do it themselves.
  • We cannot help with emergencies. If your animal needs life saving treatment NOW, you need to take it to the vet now, and you will have to pay for treatment however you can arrange it. If you are willing to surrender ownership of your animal we MAY be able to provide you with an animal rescue organization, submit the form and we will do our best. But they will require that you give the animal to them.
  • Online fundraising (what we do) depends to a good degree on your ability ONLINE! If you are not good at (or don't use at all) social media, if you can't take pictures and video, it will be hard for us to help you! Do you have a friend(s), relative(s) who can help with this? We will ask you about what you are able to do, be prepared!