Come hike with rescue dogs at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, CA!

We offer multiple hike days and times, whether you like to start off your day with a good hike and then BREAKFAST, or a nice sunset hike in the afternoon, we've got you covered. All you have to do is go to and sign up. The experience is only $45 per person and is worth every penny. Prices subject to change.

England newspaper article
England newspaper article

There is nothing better than getting outside for an exciting hike with spectacular views of the Hollywood sign, including sweeping panoramic views from Downtown LA to Santa Monica and the ocean on a clear day. But on this hike, you will have an adorable rescue pup by your side.

If you are traveling and miss your dog, then you are welcome to visit with our pups and get your dog fix. The hike is about 2.2 miles long with the first half being up the hill about 1000 feet, with frequent rest and water stops along the way. At the top, we will take a stop at the famed Hollywood sign bench and do a photo shoot with the dogs.

Runyon Canyon newspaper article
Article in newspaper in England

The next stop is on a peninsula overlooking nearly the entire city of Los Angeles with views from downtown to Santa Monica. This is our treat stop, where we will give the dogs a snack for being good boys and girls. Having different people give them treats helps to socialize the dogs by introducing them to different nice people who are feeding them.

The last half is a fairly steep dirt trail where you will need to be careful and watch your step as the trail is tiny, coarse gravel that can be slippery if you don’t have a good, tractional sole on your shoe. The good news is the steepest part is short and we have never had an accident. Typically, we take the dogs who can go off-leash, off their leashes so you have the use of both hands.

Levi at Runyon Canyon Rescue Dog Hike
Rescue dog hike

You will learn not only about each pup and its backstory, but also some history of Runyon Canyon and the Hollywood sign. Very interesting! As a non-profit, Airbnb never takes a penny of the fee you pay for the walk. So 100% of the funds go to the animals. Most of the dogs we take in need dental, shots, chips, and spay/neuter, with some requiring more expensive, life-saving care.

This event is great for private groups, work teams, individuals, couples, and families, plus you can include your friendly dog if you would like. Check out the link below and we will see you at Runyon! Link below:

Dog meme
Funny dog walk meme

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