On this page you will find links to various organizations that offer grants for veterinary care. Most of these organizations require fairly detailed applications, usually showing financial need (low income), so they typically help only in non-emergency cases.

Emergency cases, where you need the money right now, are not covered by these organizations. If you are dealing with this sort of situation, your options will be limited to applying for credit and/or a payment plan. For more information on these types of resources visit our Urgent and Credit Funding Resources Page.

We at Free Animal Doctor specifically partner with a small number of organizations, and can help you through the process of applying for grants with them. For more information on our partners please visit our Partner Organization Page.

The organizations below are not partners of ours, and we provide this as information only, not an endorsement or guarantee of any kind. We cannot assist you with your application to any of the organizations below. Please click on the organization's name for their website.

The Sam Simon Foundation

You must be in southern California and your total household income must be under $40,000. If both of those are true for you the Sam Simon Foundation may be your best choice. Generally speaking they do not offer orthopedic surgeries, dentals or spinal surgeries.... but they provide most other services for free, including spay and neuter. Surgeries are done at their mobile clinic that travels around the Los Angeles area, so you and your pet must be in this area, and they do require low-income verification.

Providing General Grants:

Brown Dog Foundation

They also provide grants for cats.

Frankie's Friends

Provides grants of up to $1000.00 including for emergency situations.

The Mosby Foundation

Provides grants for for dogs that need "critical care".

The Onyx and Breezy Foundation

Provides help to "Pets of individuals where medical hardship is present" as well as grants to rescue type organizations.

Paws 4 a Cure

Provide grants for all types of treatment. Maximum grant amount is $500.00.

The Pet Fund

Provides grants specifically for: "Non-basic, non-urgent care (cancer treatment, heart disease, etc.)".

Cancer Specific Organizations:

The Magic Bullet Fund

Provides grants for treatment at your vet for canine cancers and some related procedures.

The Riedel and Cody Fund

Provides grants for chemotherapy and radiation treatments for both cats and dogs.

Other Specific Organizations:

Diabetic Cats in Need

As the name implies, they specialize in providing grants for the care of diabetic cats.

Red Rover

Though they provide grants for care generally, their focus is on "resources and support to low-income individuals and survivors of domestic violence and their pets, so families can escape together and stay together."