What a story!

Before we go there, let's look at the result: Little Presley, stray for who knows how long? At least months, maybe longer. Well here he is safe, after getting bathed and groomed!!!:

Ok, now, let's go back to the beginning, April 5th just before midnight: Someone took the photo below of this little stray at a Del Taco out in the high desert town of Victorville, and posted for help on Facebook:

You can see the original Facebook post HERE.

It's a small shopping center surrounded by a busy road but also blocks of empty desert. Sort of the worst of both worlds: lots of traffic where a little dog can get hit by a car, but also open land with wild animals like coyotes and even bobcats. This is where he was, look at the area around (click any picture to enlarge it):

This a larger map, Victorville is on the way to Las Vegas from Los Angeles:

The little guy was hiding behind the Fire Station, where there is a drainage ditch, and he would run over to the Jack in the Box to scrounge for food. Our rescuers spent nearly 24 hours observing and then trapping him, and in that time saw other animal prints that look like both coyotes and possibly a bobcat!

Rescuer Faith Easdale placed a trap near the drainage ditch and was observing at about 2AM when she saw pairs of eyes in the desert dark, probably coyotes, sniffing around! She flashed her light and made noises to scare them off, but this also delayed trapping Presley, though he finally entered the trap around 6AM.

The drain:



Video when finally caught!:

This poor boy had been out here a long time, very dirty but also very matted. Look how bad it was:

But we got him all cleaned up and groomed, feeling so much better!

Little Presley is now with the rescue Friends of Orange County Homeless Pets, FOCHP and will be available for adoption from them soon. They are a great rescue that help us with A LOT of dogs that we save, so please check them out, follow them on Instagram HERE, and support them!



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