Dr. Mark Williams joins us on our 3rd Podcast, or as we call them: FADcasts.

Doctor Williams has had a long and distinguished career as both a small animal and large animal veterinarian. Recently he has attempted to semi-retire, but the vet shortage in California has kept him working much more than he wanted to, meaning, literally all the time. But somehow we managed to steal an hour from him for our latest recording.

Below: Mark with one of his wife's prized poodles


Doctor Williams and the staff at Sweetwater Vet Clinic have seen a number of our dogs, including FAD founder Sam Bernardo's own dog Bob. We are clients, and if we take our own dogs there, well.... you should be able to understand that is a very serious recommendation. We are picky. And annoying.

You can find out all you need to know here: https://www.sweetwatervet.net/site/home


Listen to the podcast, real info you can use from a doc about fleas, presented in low quality from a couple of idiots. What more do you want?

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