If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’ve recently listed a campaign with us for your animal. You may be asking yourself, why are we still at zero? How do I get people do donate to my dog (or cat)? Lastly, you may also find that you’ve shared the campaign and nothing is happening.


Take a moment to look at some tips I’ve devised for promoting and getting the most out of your campaign:


Crowd funding is HARD! However, social media is a powerful tool. We live in a digital age and crowdfunding is a digital form. Therefore, use text messages, Facebook, Instagram, and if you still have a Myspace-Use that too! Use any social outlet that you have in order to spread the word with your animal’s campaign link. This is 70% of the battle.

-Now all though SHARING is the #1 Tip, make sure you don’t spam your social media followers. Spamming makes for a negative effect when it comes to fundraising. Try sharing 3-5 times a week at most.


If you have the extra time, make flyers or T-shirts, even throw a bake sale! Take a skill that is unique to you, and apply it in a way that will help you gain donations for your campaign. Anything that draw attention to your animal will help get people’s attention too. After you have their attention, you can expect donations.


Often time, Free Animal Doctor isn’t the only crowdfunding campaign running for your animal. Many people have already set up YouCaring or Gofundme campaigns. This is OKAY. No need to take your campaign down (that is why we include the link in our narrative). The only thing you need to do is make sure the information on all campaigns across the board is accurate and synched. Transparency is Key. In addition, when promoting and pushing your campaign forward, be very clear on which campaign you would like to promote. Sharing multiple campaigns across different platform will confuse potential donors. Give donors ONE option; this will prove much more beneficial when trying to gain funding for your campaign.


If you’ve spoken with me before, you’ve definitely heard this word. “Let’s gain some traction on your campaign first”. This can mean a lot of things. Traction essentially means foot traffic. You need comments, shares, and donations in order for your campaign to gain traction. If it’s been two weeks and you’re still at zero dollars, but you’ve shared, gotten creative, and have done everything you can, consider creating your own traction. Throw $5.00 in and put a comment saying something like “We can do it” or “Hang in there”. Donors will see this and jump on the band wagon.


Be sure that there is uniformity to every campaign post you share. Sharing the campaign link is the #1 way to get your animal funded but how you share the link is just as important. Your post should be structured with the title of your campaign or your animal’s name. Followed by a brief description of the problem and then the link to donating.  Also, always remember to THANK the person reading and ask them to SHARE the campaign. Here’s an example of a good campaign post (This can be achieved with any animal on any Facebook page!):

*Hint* BAD posts for campaigns: Too long with no structure, too short with no information, isn’t graphically appealing, no clear donation link or multiple donation links, and the lack of trigger words (DONATE, SHARE, THANK YOU, HELP, and PLEASE)


Keep in mind that there are TONS of animals on our website and every one of them are in need of medical care. It’s impossible to boost every campaign; And although 9,000 people have seen your campaign it doesn’t mean 9,000 people will be donating. Boosts can help, but do not rely on a boost for funding. Sometimes boosts fail. A Boost is put in as a request for a push forward. A boost request is accepted and more successful when a campaign has these 3 very important things: Great media, traction, and story. In order for us to boost your campaign, check your campaign again and make sure it has these 3 key ingredients. Help us help you push your campaign forward.


Our “Guide to A Successful Campaign” and our “How Do I Take Good Media” Guide are tools  created to help you make your campaign as unique as it can be. I’ve been in your shoes before and I understand the struggle, frustration, and emotional toll this takes on not only the animal but the owner as well. I’ve tried so many things and by trial and error I have created these tips and guides to make campaigning smoother, faster, and most importantly, more successful.  At any time if you’d like to spruce up or revamp your campaign, just let your campaign creator know and we’ll get it done!



I really hope this helps!





Your Friend at Free Animal Doctor,

Tiffany Clare




Photo Credit: https://www.123rf.com/