So you've read our Guide to a Successful Campaign but is still having a little trouble with the "Good Media" section. We've devised another step by step guide in order to help you get those amazing pictures and videos we need to make your campaign special.

Steps to "Good Media"

STOP! Do not rush these photographs. This will only slow down the process of creating a good campaign. Campaigns on our website that do not have good media, do not have a good chance of being successful. If you have a digital camera this guide will turn you into a dog photographer in no time! No digital camera, no worries, you can use your cell phone and follow the same rules.

Step 1:

Make a day of it! When you have time, take your furry pal outside for some really fun pictures. Take your time to wait for the right moment (it can be a smile, a look, or a head tilt) and then Click! Take a picture worthy of a big ol' "Awwwwwwweee".

Step 2:

Location, Location, Location! Take at least 5 pictures in at least 3 different locations (examples include: Dog Park, home, and general outside area). Use the entire space of your location to get a good variety of photos (the trees, the dirt, the grass, the side-walk, etc.) Having pictures of  your furry friend in different environments really helps make your campaign just that more unique.

Step 3:

Check your lighting! All pictures should be taken on a sunny day regardless of your location (interior or exterior). Make sure you are not standing in the opposite direction of the light. Meaning don’t block the light from your animal. Position your animal  and yourself on opposite sides so that the light hits him and is not blocked by you.

Step 4:

Check your position! Crouch down to your animal's eye level. DO NOT stand over your animal and take the photo. Grab his favorite toy (treats work better) and grab his attention.   This makes for really bright-eyed photos. You want your animals total focus to be on you while taking these pictures. For the sake of the pictures, a little plain peanut butter or unseasoned boiled chicken breast will do the trick.

*Most importantly, hold your camera Horizontally.  Not everyone has a digital camera or an iPhone but by turning your phone sideways you will allow more information to be in the picture. This angle will make for a better photo*

Step 5:

 Send the important ones! Only take pictures when you animal is looking at you or the camera. We  cannot use pictures of your animal looking off to the side, looking down, or from behind his head.  In all the pictures you take, do your best to have your animal looking at the camera. This will require more waiting than anything else, however, if you have treats you will be able to grab his full attention. You'll get through taking these photos faster that way.

We really hope this helps in making your campaign all it can be!



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