We already know campaigning is HARD but it’s even harder over the holidays. Whether it’s 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas or  New Year’s, campaigning over a holiday is 5 times more difficult that it is on a regular basis.  So, what does this do to your open campaigns?

Short answer: It slows the donation flow.

Long answer: Donations over the holidays tend to be scarce. No matter the holiday, donors are normally focused on family events or spending lots of money to celebrate the joyous occasion. So, during these times you’ll see a slow or even a halt on your campaign’s donation flow. Don’t fret, it will pick back up again.

By now, you should already be Share Share Sharing, Getting Creative, Synching your Campaigns, Creating your own Traction, and Utilizing those Helpful Guides (Next Steps for your Campaign! -Here’s some helpful tips).

However, here 4 tips to help you while campaigning over the holidays!



How can sharing hurt my campaign? A fundraising campaign is the last thing anyone wants to see while celebrating the holidays. Yes, there are people in the world that work nonstop to save animals in need. However, the vast majority, the strangers you’ll ask for donations, are usually not those people. Sharing over the holidays can give donors a negative feeling and they’ll dismiss the post. Even worse, they’ll continue to dismiss the post because they weren’t interested then and they won’t be interested now. Recommendation: Refrain from sharing or repeatedly posting your animal’s campaign up to two days before the holiday it self. Once the Holiday has passed, give it 3-5 more days and then begin sharing again.


The holiday is a fun loving, cheerful time. However, if your fur baby is in need of surgery, it may not be as fun for them. Use the Holidays as a way to draw attention to your campaign. Halloween? Dress your animal up as a mummy. Christmas? Rudolph! New Year’s? Take an awesome (landscape view) video of him bringing in the new year’s with pending surgical needs. Continue to take pictures and update your social circle with how your animal is doing and be sure to always, always, ALWAYS, include that campaign link.


Be sure that there is uniformity to every campaign post you share. Sharing the campaign link is the #1 way to get your animal funded but how you share the link is just as important. Your post should be structured with the title of your campaign or your animal’s name. Followed by a brief description of the problem and then the link to donating.  Also, always remember to THANK the person reading and ask them to SHARE the campaign. Here’s an example of a good campaign post (This can be achieved with any animal on any Facebook page!):

*Hint* BAD posts for campaigns: Too long with no structure, too short with no information, isn’t graphically appealing, no clear donation link or multiple donation links, and the lack of trigger words (DONATE, SHARE, THANK YOU, HELP, and PLEASE)


While you’re out enjoying the holiday for yourselves with your friends, family, and new acquaintances, find opportunities to talk about your fundraiser.  It may seem odd that tip number one is not to share your campaign on the holiday but in tip number 3, I’m telling you to talk about your campaign instead. Here’s why: Casual conversation or even small talk can be powerful tools to help you spread your campaign. When the opportunity presents itself (someone asks you about your animal, asks you about animals in general, brings up a charity etc.), talk about the campaign that you’re running for your animal and be sure to follow through with sending that person a link later in the day (no need to show them right away or force their attention).Trust me this works!



I hope these tips help further your campaign success.  Again, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask your campaign creator.


Your friend at Free Animal Doctor,

Tiffany Clare