Episode 6!

We're gaining on your George Lucas!!

This week we interview Maydy from SCARS, SoCal Animal Rescue Squad. A pretty new rescue, SCARS has been kicking butt and taking names all over southern California, rescuing a lot of dogs and doing a lot of great work.

As Maydy says "Scarred? You are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you!" And they do rescue so many hurt and injured dogs, many scarred not just physically but mentally and psychologically as well. So let's talk about it!

But we are having fun too! Help us kick our Diet Coke habit, and listen in on today's idea: We try https://wavesoda.com/ and see if it could replace our Diet Coke habit.


And also a SCARS dog we are helping raise money for, TOOTSIE: https://freeanimaldoctor.org/campaigns/tootsie/

Some of the other dogs we talk about like Marley, here is a pic:


Get over to SCARS website if you are looking to adopt: https://jointhescars.org/adopt-a-hero

And never forget, Bob is always producing every episode:


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