Bob on the radio!

Ok, it's a PODCAST, but that's just how the kids do the radio these days... isn't it? Bob sat down with Sam and Ryan and recorded Free Animal Doctor's first podcast, which we are calling the FADcast........

Maybe should have called in the BOBcast?

We'll think about it.

So once a week we want to bring you some news from our world of Free Animal Doctor, maybe a cool interview with someone interesting in the field, and perhaps some other useful information. Bob will probably sleep through most of it:


This week's episode includes and interview with Faith Easdale, dog rescuer extraordinaire. If you are looking for what we discussed in the podcast, you can see Faith's posts about the puppies she rescued here:


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One comment

  • Sandra

    Bob looks DAPPER with his bowtie!

    May 19, 2022 at 4:29 pm Reply