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The FADcast is back with Episode 5, all about DIARRHEA! Who isn't interested?

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OK, seriously, we talk with Doctor Mark Williams about gastrointestinal issues with your pets. Mostly about dogs but also applying to cats. Why these things happen. How to help prevent them. How to treat them at home, avoiding that expensive ER vet visit on Saturday night. Signs that it is not serious, but also signs that it might be something more. Good info to know. For example: Buy some canned pumpkin or some pysllium! Why? LISTEN AND FIND OUT 🙂

We also talk with Mike Ryan. He is a retired school teacher that has been active in animal rescue, and has been working and learning with Faith Easdale recently about trapping and rescuing stray dogs in the high-desert area between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Mike recently saved a gorgeous Mastiff mix named Clark, and he tells us about it and more. Photo below: Clark, rail thin skinny (now packing on pounds!)


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