We've got some last minute tips on dealing with the fireworks this July 4th! 

Doctor Mark Williams discusses a few things you can still do, right now, to help calm your dog during fireworks, this discussion starts at about the 33 minute mark.

A partial summary: Tryptophan (sample product) can help and you can get it at the pet-store. Thunder-jackets do work on some dogs, and so do "safe spaces". You can always get in the car, and drive somewhere quiet(er)!

There's a lot more too! The Doc discusses marking in the house, and the specific case of Bob and Scruffy... it's pretty interesting, and if you have two male dogs that some time compete in a "pee war" you might find it useful! We also talk with rescuer Faith Easdale, there is a dramatic case she just saved, AND a great story of one of her rescues that just got adopted, in part due to this podcast!!

And we talk tea!


Sam and Ryan talk about Minna as an alternative to Diet Coke, Bob gets in on the action, and even Mark Williams has an opinion on nicknames for us all, hint: Western Theme, and Sam = not happy.

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