SoCal Coyote Warning:

We are now in coyote courting season when more coyotes will be seen in pairs as the courting season ritual begins.

Coyote courting season is January and February, during which time we may see more coyotes in pairs exhibiting playful behavior such as jumping, dancing, and chasing. It is important for dog owners to be particularly attentive to their pets, as coyotes may view dogs as a threat, and may attack, especially puppies and older dogs less able to defend themselves.

Rainfall can also affect coyote activity. Coyotes tend to be less active during storms due to the drop in barometric pressure, which makes them more lethargic. However, after storms pass through and barometric pressure increases, coyotes become hungrier and thirstier, leading to increased activity as they hunt for food and water.

Coyotes have been observed to be most active in months with high precipitation. In addition, juvenile coyotes (less than one year old) may disperse from their families to establish their own home ranges or territories.

To keep pets safe during this time, it is recommended to always accompany them outside and keep them on a leash.

Protection for your dog or cat from coyotes:

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