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Our prices will increase from October.

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Location: Gate 7 of Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia, California.

Who can book a spay or neuter?: Open to the public. Animal must be 6 years old or younger.

Price list:

NEW! Leptospirosis vaccine for dogs: $35 for 2 shots. There is an outbreak of Leptospirosis in Los Angeles County. Many veterinarians are recommending that dogs be vaccinated. The Leptospirosis vaccine is safe and very effective. It requires 2 shots, the initial shot and a booster 3-4 weeks later. Our price includes both shots. You will have to return for the second shot, we will schedule that with you when your dog receives the first shot.

Any size cat or kitten: $100

Small to medium size dogs: $150

Large dogs: $150, but very limited availability

Rabies vaccination: $8.50

Microchip: $17.50

SAVE, rabies vaccination and microchip bundle: $20.00

Dates always sell out in advance, book as soon as you can!

Includes any medications to go home, if necessary, and an e-collar, if necessary. Our clinic usually provides a time-released pain-relief injection, so no pain-medications are required to take home. But, if they are required, they will be included. No extra charges. The surgeon will make final determination of medications on a case-by-case basis.

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We need to know size and cat/dog to determine which cage your pet will have. Note, if you have a dog over 40lbs, we have very limited cage space, email us at for help getting booked.