$75-$125, San Gabriel Valley



Questions? Email:

We respond within one business day. No phone calls please. The clinic is not attended outside of surgery days. 

Location: Gate 7 of Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia, California.

Who can book a spay or neuter?: Open to the public. Animal must be 6 years old or younger.

Cost: $75-$125

Includes any medications to go home, if necessary, and an e-collar, if necessary. Our clinic usually provides a time-released pain-relief injection, so no pain-medications are required to take home. But, if they are required, they will be included. No extra charges. The surgeon will make final determination of medications on a case-by-case basis.

We are able to provide this service at this low rate because we are a non-profit organization with generous donors. If you cannot afford it, we may be able to offer you spay neuter for $25.00 or even for free, based on income verification and availability. If this is your situation, please email us for details. Please note, $100.00 is substantially less than the typical "market" rate, and the cost of providing this service exceeds $100.00 per animal.

How to book a spay/neuter:

We are taking bookings for January 17th and 24th right now, only. Due to the COVID outbreak in LA county we have had to delay until then. It is possible these dates will be postponed as well, though we hope not. Of course, if your appointment is postponed you will get a refund until you can reschedule.

Pick your pet's approximate size below, and follow the instructions to book either the 17th or 24th. Thank you! And email us with any questions: