Vaccine Prices



Vaccines are only available for animals being spayed or neutered. 

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Price list:

NEW: Three month flea and tick treatment for dogs with one delicious chewy tablet (delicious to dogs, not for you!). We only use Bravecto on our rescue dogs and our own dogs. It works very well, and lasts for three long months with one chewy tablet that most dogs will happily eat! Easy! (If your dog won't eat it, it can easily be crumbled into food or a treat). We charge $58.00 for one dose and no exam fee. Bravecto is a prescription drug, so you cannot order it with out going to the vet first. We save you the cost of that exam AND give you the lowest price at the same time!



Rabies vaccination: $8.50

Microchip: $17.50

SAVE, rabies vaccination and microchip bundle: $20.00



Individual prices

Microchip: $17.50

Rabies: $8.50

DA2PPL (info below): $30, two shots ($15 each)

Leptospirosis: $30, two shots ($15 each)

Canine Influenza: $60, two shots ($30 each)


BASIC-- Rabies and Microchip: $20

Basic PLUS-- Rabies and DA2PPL and Microchip: $45

"The social dog"-- Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza: $80

"The social dog" with microchip-- $90

EVERYTHING-- Rabies, DA2PPL, Canine Influenza and microchip: $100

(EVERYTHING, but no microchip-- $90)


Explanation of vaccines and recommendations:

DA2PPL is a comprehensive vaccine covering a number of deadly diseases. If your dog does not have this vaccination, or it is out of date, we HIGHLY recommend it. DA2PPL vaccinates your dog against: Distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvo and leptospirosis. Your dog will get the first shot on the day it is spayed/neutered and we will schedule a booster for you 2-4 weeks later. Both the first shot and the booster are included in the price.

My dog is vaccinated, but is he?

Many dogs are NOT vaccinated against Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza even if they have had all their shots!!

Until recently most vets gave puppies and newly adopted dogs two or three vaccines: Rabies, DA2PP (or a similar version), and often Bordetella. Rabies is required by law in Los Angeles County. DA2PP is primarily to prevent Parvo and Distemper, very deadly diseases that are also expensive to treat. Bordetella is less serious, what is often referred to as "Kennel Cough", and is recommended for dogs that will be in boarding, and is often required by kennels (we are working on getting this vaccine as well, but do not have it yet).

Recently there has been an outbreak of BOTH Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza in Southern California. Many vets are now recommending the Leptospirosis vaccine as a standard vaccine for all dogs. And there is a new DA2PP that adds in the Leptospirosis vaccination, DA2PPL, which is what we have -- as well as just Leptospirosis vaccine by itself. If your dog has already been vaccinated for Distemper and Parvo with DA2PP (or similar), just get the Leptospirosis vaccination. Yes, they cost the same, but there is no reason to over vaccinate your dog if it is current on its DA2PP.

We recommend the Leptospirosis vaccine for all dogs. We now give it to all our rescue dogs. If your dog is at all social, going to the dog park, boarding, day-care, hiking where your dog drinks from puddles anything at all other than 100% just living in your house: Get this vaccine! We have made it as cheap as we can, $30 for the shot and booster.

Canine Influenza is being required by more and more kennels. If your dog will be kenneled or if your dog goes to doggy day care, you should get this vaccine. There have been a number of outbreaks of this in kennels in the area.

We save you a lot of money on vaccines, so why not do them when you get your dog spayed or neutered with us? Remember: If you get your dog vaccinated later, you will have to pay an exam fee on top of the vaccine fees. Most vets charge $40-80 just to be seen, vaccines extra. We charge no exam fee AND offer the lowest prices on vaccines as well!!