Hike Runyon Canyon with a Rescue Dog

What we will do: Meet up with a bunch of rescue dogs that are up for adoption and give them a fabulous day out at Runyon Canyon. About 2 miles and 1000 feet of elevation, this is a fairly easy hike, half on a paved road and half on a dirt trail.

Read about it on Airbnb here: https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/82265

Below are some of the dogs we plan on bringing, all of which are available to adopt!

Big and Little

These two boys were found together on the 60 freeway east of downtown LA. "Big" is young, about 2-3 years old. "Little" is a bit older, probably about 4 years old. Though they are friendly with each other, they are not strongly bonded and can be adopted separately. Little is healthy, but Big will require some dental surgery, which is already paid for, but which won't happen until December of 2021.



This guy is a mellow senior... we are not sure how old. He was found stray in east Los Angeles, malnourished with a ruptured cheek. He is all healthy now, and up to his right weight. He might be as young as 6 or 7, but could be around 10 too..... it is hard to tell with small dogs like him. His eyes are very clear, which is a sign leaning to younger, but he is also very mellow and enjoys sleeping as much as about anything! Very sweet with people, a little attention, and he is happy as a clam, ready to nap at your feet!


Marylin and Monroe

A bonded pair, Marilyn and Monroe were found together, stray, over 2 years ago. They got adopted but have recently returned to us as their adopter has a personal situation where she can no longer have dogs.

They are very sweet, friendly with other dogs, cats and people. Truly a bonded pair, they go everywhere with each other, and having them is almost like having one dog! They are being adopted together only.

Marilyn is about 4 years old and Monroe is probably around 8 years old. They are house trained, spayed, and healthy. In the photo below Marilyn is in the center and Monroe on the right. The dog in the upper left is Willie, who belongs to the family currently fostering Marilyn and Monroe.



Surrendered to us by his owner, Costco is just 11 months old. We believe he is a Dandie Dinmont Terrier, a rather rare breed, but he looks just like one. Dandies look sort of like a mix between a Corgi and a Poodle, with large head, long body and very short legs.

Costco is loves people, once he gets to know you, but at first he is aggressive to strangers. He is also aggressive on the leash to other dogs. We are working on his behavior, but if you are happy to work with him he can be adopted now. He plays with other dogs, once he gets to know them, and could be in a home with other dogs, or on his own! Costco needs attention, and wants to remain close to his person, and follow you where you go. He loves walks, but he does get tired easily in the heat, which we totally understand!


Ricky Bobby


Ricky was surrendered to us. His owner left him with an ex-boyfriend, who did not want him. He is well behaved, loves other dogs, cats and of course people. Ricky was trained to use pee-pads, but now his foster reports he is doing very well learning to "go" outside.

He has a very cute underbite, which we were worried might indicate dental problems. However, the vet found him to be completely healthy, except for tartar build up on his teeth, so when he was neutered he also had a full dental cleaning! Ricky is healthy, with the freshest breath, and ready to go!

Ricky is 4 years old, about 15 pounds, and doing great in a foster home with another dog and cat right now.



Chi-Weenie (Chihuahua-Dachshund mix)... very sweet. Frankie was rescued from scrubby desert outside of San Bernardino, California. He'd been living on his own out there for a bit, not sure how long, but he is well behaved so he must have had a home at some point.

Frankie gets along great with other dogs, though he does want your attention and can get a little jealous. He had bad teeth, now fixed, and has a crook in his tail where it must have been broken some time ago. We aren't sure how old he is, but would guess 5-8 years old. v loves to cuddle up and sit next to you, where he can get pets AND guard the room. He's good boy!



Friendly, energetic and smart. Pink is 1 1/2 years old, pitt-mix... probably with another hunting breed like a retriever? She loves to play ball, chase little critters, and just run! Pink is playful with other dogs, never aggressive and submissive with people. She would be fine with children.

Pink has not been tested with cats, and she does like to chase cats she sees outdoors, but from our observations of her chasing small animals, she likes to chase, but does not attack the animal. She is very fast!

Pink's ideal adopter will be physically active, she needs walks and runs. A great hiker! Pink is smart, obeys commands, and will not run away. In the outdoors she can be let off the leash without concern, and would be a fantastic addition to adventures!