Bonus: Kacey Montoya interview

Kacey Montoya

Bonus interview with the founder of Fix'N Fidos!

When Kacey Montoya isn't flashing those fabulous blue eyes on KTLA Channel 5, she is running her non-profit Fix'N Fidos, which supports spay/neuter programs, provides pet food to low income families, and provides resources for getting vet care when people cannot afford it!

They also have a golf tournament coming up to raise money for the cause! Fix'N Fidos has been a huge supporter of Free Animal Doctor, and we were thrilled to have Kacey on for an interview! Check out the interview on this BONUS FADcast, a preview of Episode 8!!!

Or play it right here (click the play button below)!

Episode 7, Fireworks

We've got some last minute tips on dealing with the fireworks this July 4th! 

Doctor Mark Williams discusses a few things you can still do, right now, to help calm your dog during fireworks, this discussion starts at about the 33 minute mark.

A partial summary: Tryptophan (sample product) can help and you can get it at the pet-store. Thunder-jackets do work on some dogs, and so do "safe spaces". You can always get in the car, and drive somewhere quiet(er)!

There's a lot more too! The Doc discusses marking in the house, and the specific case of Bob and Scruffy... it's pretty interesting, and if you have two male dogs that some time compete in a "pee war" you might find it useful! We also talk with rescuer Faith Easdale, there is a dramatic case she just saved, AND a great story of one of her rescues that just got adopted, in part due to this podcast!!

And we talk tea!


Sam and Ryan talk about Minna as an alternative to Diet Coke, Bob gets in on the action, and even Mark Williams has an opinion on nicknames for us all, hint: Western Theme, and Sam = not happy.

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Other Episodes with Dr. Williams:


Episode 6!

We're gaining on your George Lucas!!

This week we interview Maydy from SCARS, SoCal Animal Rescue Squad. A pretty new rescue, SCARS has been kicking butt and taking names all over southern California, rescuing a lot of dogs and doing a lot of great work.

As Maydy says "Scarred? You are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you!" And they do rescue so many hurt and injured dogs, many scarred not just physically but mentally and psychologically as well. So let's talk about it!

But we are having fun too! Help us kick our Diet Coke habit, and listen in on today's idea: We try and see if it could replace our Diet Coke habit.


And also a SCARS dog we are helping raise money for, TOOTSIE:

Some of the other dogs we talk about like Marley, here is a pic:


Get over to SCARS website if you are looking to adopt:

And never forget, Bob is always producing every episode:


FADcast Five: Double Interview Jive

phonto 3

The FADcast is back with Episode 5, all about DIARRHEA! Who isn't interested?

Podcast page:

OK, seriously, we talk with Doctor Mark Williams about gastrointestinal issues with your pets. Mostly about dogs but also applying to cats. Why these things happen. How to help prevent them. How to treat them at home, avoiding that expensive ER vet visit on Saturday night. Signs that it is not serious, but also signs that it might be something more. Good info to know. For example: Buy some canned pumpkin or some pysllium! Why? LISTEN AND FIND OUT 🙂

We also talk with Mike Ryan. He is a retired school teacher that has been active in animal rescue, and has been working and learning with Faith Easdale recently about trapping and rescuing stray dogs in the high-desert area between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Mike recently saved a gorgeous Mastiff mix named Clark, and he tells us about it and more. Photo below: Clark, rail thin skinny (now packing on pounds!)


A recap

Bob has a question for you...


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Episode Two, interview with Karma Rescue: On Apple Podcasts or Our Podcast Host

Episode Three, fleas meet Dr. Williams: On Apple Podcasts or Our Podcast Host

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Our next episode will be an interview with Brandon of Dog Wash America, and all about dog grooming. What to look for in a groomer, how to choose a groomer, what to ask a new groomer, what to expect from a groomer, how to save money at the groomer, grooming you can do at home, all of it!! Got a question you want asked? Email us ASAP


Our first actual DOCTOR!

Dr. Mark Williams joins us on our 3rd Podcast, or as we call them: FADcasts.

Doctor Williams has had a long and distinguished career as both a small animal and large animal veterinarian. Recently he has attempted to semi-retire, but the vet shortage in California has kept him working much more than he wanted to, meaning, literally all the time. But somehow we managed to steal an hour from him for our latest recording.

Below: Mark with one of his wife's prized poodles


Doctor Williams and the staff at Sweetwater Vet Clinic have seen a number of our dogs, including FAD founder Sam Bernardo's own dog Bob. We are clients, and if we take our own dogs there, well.... you should be able to understand that is a very serious recommendation. We are picky. And annoying.

You can find out all you need to know here:


Listen to the podcast, real info you can use from a doc about fleas, presented in low quality from a couple of idiots. What more do you want?

Bob is back in FADcast 2!

We're proud of this one!

Why? Because it is really useful.

Because of the extraordinary production quality? No, absolutely not. The tight scripting and delivery of the hosts? Again, absolutely no, not at all. So what is it? THE GUESTS. Or rather the one guest and the other subject... In other words: GREAT INFORMATION THAT YOU CAN REALLY USE!

We discuss Miranda's People, a non-profit that helps dog owners whose pups have cancer. And then we interview Shannon of Karma Rescue, and find out about their programs to help with vet bills, training bills and spay/neuter! There is a lot of really useful information in this podcast, and the links to much of it are below. You probably will want to bookmark this and save it for reference, and to share!


Ok, Bob got bored, but you shouldn't! Below is the podcast player, just click play right here, or follow one of the links to open it in your fav podcast app:

Links from the podcast:


FADcast #1

Bob on the radio!

Ok, it's a PODCAST, but that's just how the kids do the radio these days... isn't it? Bob sat down with Sam and Ryan and recorded Free Animal Doctor's first podcast, which we are calling the FADcast........

Maybe should have called in the BOBcast?

We'll think about it.

So once a week we want to bring you some news from our world of Free Animal Doctor, maybe a cool interview with someone interesting in the field, and perhaps some other useful information. Bob will probably sleep through most of it:


This week's episode includes and interview with Faith Easdale, dog rescuer extraordinaire. If you are looking for what we discussed in the podcast, you can see Faith's posts about the puppies she rescued here:


Charlie’s Story

Charlie had surgery Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

It cost $2300.00, donated by 31 people!!

Did you know that so far this year 100% of Free Animal Doctor campaigns have been a success? Compare that to other platforms like GoFundMe, which has a success rate estimated at about 10-15%!

It means a lot to Charlie, and his family, as this surgery saved his life:


Thanks to a number of anonymous donors and to:

Vanessa Stone, Jasmin Cristerna, Ivan Hernandez, Therisa Canizaez, Laura Buckles, Torres Mai, Margarette McConnell, Carol Kalinoski, Nelson Nantanapibul, Nancy Torres, Craig Harlan, Mary Ann Allen, Ellisa Naumann, Jean Sieloff, Les Cook, John Scull, Laura Anjoorian, Mimi Menzies, Julie Knauer, Chris Hall, Vicky Humbarger, Gordon Shotwell, Virginia Grandy, Marlene Licitra, Susan Lamb, and Jordan Sanchez.

You can see Charlie's campaign page, with some more info here:

Double Bob?

Bob shares the week with Scruffy. We're not saying he's happy about it, just that it's happening!

And news! We are looking to get back to the DAILY Bob, we've had a lot of feedback... update coming soon, we are working on it! And Bob is taking a modeling class at the Y.