Stye in her eye, that will lead to dangerous complications if not removed soon.

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Stye in the Eye!

Zoey is a senior pup with growth on her eye that must be removed. This condition is a classic example of a medical condition that is easily treated, but if left untreated will lead to serious complications, even blindness.

Zoey’s owner took her to the vet, thinking it was a tick and then cherry eye, but the vet told Deborah it is a cyst type growth and it is getting bigger slowly. As the growth hardens it will be painful and stop the eye from producing tears properly. And of course it could damage the eye itself as well.

Deborah got Zoey almost 12 years ago when a breeder rejected Zoey as a show dog because her paws spread out incorrectly for her breed, making her unacceptable for showing. Deborah is also a senior in her 70’s, and she lives on a small fixed income. Zoey’s procedure is straight forward, and not that expensive, but it more than Deborah can afford.

All donations are paid only to the veterinarian when Zoey gets the surgery, and are only for Zoey. So, if you want to help her, make a donation in confidence, thank you!

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):

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  • Anonymous

    Sending lots of love!

    February 8, 2024 at 8:38 pm Reply

    • Holly Green

      Thank you!

      February 11, 2024 at 12:21 pm Reply

      • Debarah

        Thank you so much.

        February 12, 2024 at 2:06 am Reply

    • Debarah

      Thank you so much. Its so hard these days with 3 dogs to be able to afford these unexpected expenses.

      February 12, 2024 at 2:05 am Reply

  • Debbie Anderson

    What a beauty Zoey is! I’m sending wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Big hugs to Zoey and her mama Deborah.

    February 11, 2024 at 9:30 pm Reply

    • Debarah

      Thank you so much. Its hard with 3 beautiful Corgis to handle these unexpected expenses when on SS and a small part-time job.

      February 12, 2024 at 2:07 am Reply