A broken tooth is awful. This sweet dog beat cancer, but he still cracked a tooth! Let’s get him healed up.

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About the Campaign

Broke his tooth!

Zero is a cancer survivor, a good boy and Rachel’s best friend. She got him as a puppy when she worked at Applebee’s, her bosses dog had puppies and she adopted.

Since then Zero has moved with her all around, including for a year in Japan, Rachel always takes Zero with her.

Last year Zero was diagnosed with cancer. Rachel caught it early, little lumps on his throat and then later around other areas, all had to be removed surgically. Zero’s prognosis is great, the doctor reports everything was removed very early and there is no sign of any spread, but the whole ordeal cost Rachel over $7000.

Zero last year in his surgery shirt, he had 10 tumors removed

Rachel brushes Zero’s teeth every month or so, and last time noticed a top, back tooth looked weird. Looking closer at the vet, 1/2 the tooth appears broken off. How did it happen? No one but Zero knows. The problem is that this can become infected and lead to some serious complications. Zero needs to go into surgery and have the tooth dealt with.

Rachel is an actor and stunt-woman, which means she is out of work due to the strike. Zero’s previous bills from his cancer, and now being completely out of work have Zero’s family in a bad financial situation. Rachel has about $500, and that’s about all, so Zero needs everyones help to get his tooth fixed right away.

Pup on strike!

If you can help Zero, know that all donations are specifically for him, paid only to the vet when Zero get’s his surgery. We never pay the owner, only the vet, and if the surgery is not done, your donation is refunded.

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):


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