Wylie needs back surgery to walk properly again!
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About the Campaign

Wylie was rescued from a hoarding situation!

Can you believe, 89 dogs like him 🙁

But Michelle took him in!

Michelle has had a lot of medical issues herself. She was wheelchair-bound for 5 years, slowly improving, until now where she can walk, usually with the help of a walker.

She rescued Wylie about 3 years ago, and he has been fine, until now when he too may need a walker!! She doesn’t know how he did it, but Wylie who is only 3-years old injured his back some months ago, and it has gotten worse. Somedays he cannot walk. Others he walks with difficulty.

Michelle has gotten him to the vet and examined and diagnosed. He has a perforated disk that the vet thinks has a very good chance of being repaired with surgery. The problem is that such surgery is pricey, probably up to $5000.00 with the tests and follow ups.

Financial issues

Michelle is on a limited income, though she is now working at a part-time job. She is disabled and lives in a disabled community, where Wylie is a well-known and well loved star!

Wylie is also her emotional support animal, and Michelle cannot stand to see him, especially at such a young age, suffering and not able to walk well……. just like her. She understands how frustrating it is for him.

Donations for Wylie will only be paid to his vet for his back surgery. Donate in confidence knowing that this is as close as you can come to paying Wylie directly! Let’s get this little guy’s back repaired, he is too young to be this disabled! Thank you so much!! WOOOF!

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