Winnie's teeth hurt so bad! Mom kinda got swindled by a bad vet, and now needs help to afford poor Winnie's needed surgery!
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About the Campaign

Almost 11 years ago Alfreda was a recent window, and lonely, when a co-worker told her about a 6-month old puppy she had that she couldn’t care for. Alfreda offered to take the puppy in, and named her Winnie.

Now Winnie Needs Our Help

A bit over a year ago Winnie went in for an exam, and the vet said she would need dental surgery at some point. Her breath got bad too, a sure sign of an abscess, an infection.

The surgery seemed pricey, and someone recommend Alfreda try a holistic approach, and a holistic healer. And while that did provide very temporary relief, in the end it was a lot of money spent, and nothing actually permanently fixed for poor Winnie. With Alfreda being a widower on a fixed income, this was a real shame, and left her unable to pay for Winnie’s needed surgery now.

Fortunately Alfreda got ahold of us, and we have now been working with her to get Winnie to a proper vet. Winnie clearly has swollen and infected gums, and the only thing that will take care of her is surgery. Winnie has been to a good vet and gotten a solid diagnosis and estimate. We are also working on getting her surgery with a trusted non-profit we know, and may be able to lower her surgery cost a bit soon!


Let’s Help Winnie Live Pain Free!

Winnie needs surgery, and pretty soon. She cannot eat anything hard, and is in chronic pain. Alfreda has been caring for her with what she can, to help the pain as much as possible, but these infections eventually just get worse.

Alfreda is on a fixed income, and it breaks her heart not having the money to get Winnie the surgery she needs. If all of us help a little, it will help Winnie a lot!! All donations paid here are only for Winnie, and only paid to the vet upon surgery for Winnie. Thank you!!!



Current Vet Estimate

Or download as a PDF here: TreatmentPlan_Winnie


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One comment

  • Les Cook

    I love all animals & have quite a few little doggies. I hate to see any suffer !

    May 10, 2019 at 10:25 am Reply