Wanda 2

Needs a follow up procedure to remove remaining tumors.

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Round 2!

Wanda had so many tumors, and other issues like bad teeth, that the doctor did not want to do all the surgery necessary at one time. Wanda is also older, and keeping her under anesthesia too long, and shocking her body with too much, would be… well, too much.

Her first surgery went well. The largest tumors were removed, see below:

Test results did come back. They are “Mast Cell” tumors, meaning they are cancerous. But they are low grade, meaning have a low chance and slow method of spreading. So far no metastasis of cancer (spread to the body) has been detected. Definitely need to remove the remaining tumors though.

Wanda was found stray, near an animal shelter. A supposed friend of the owner was contacted. To make a long story short, most likely Wanda was given to a person who decided she also could not care for her, and this woman took Wanda to the shelter, where they did not accept her, and then the woman dumped Wanda down the road. The whole story is unclear, and the people involved are lying or at least not telling the whole story. The bottom line: Wanda’s health was neglected for many years, and then someone dumped her out of a car into a Lowe’s parking lot.

Now she is safe. The vet staff love her, and have signed her bandages. She needs one more procedure, and then she will be a forever foster with the rescue Soul2Soul AR in Oregon! Below is her estimate for this last procedure (please click to enlarge):


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  • Julie Harris

    Hoping Wanda will do well during this next round ! So small to have all those tumors ! She’s a cutie ! So glad she was given a chance !

    July 1, 2024 at 5:11 pm Reply