Constant cough and now peeing in his bed, Walter needs treatment and tests to find out what is going on.

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Walter the Dog!

And he’s such a good boy!!

Walter is getting older, and may have Cushing’s Syndrome, a treatable condition. He also has a very bad cough.  He’s been to a doctor that didn’t do much for him, basically gave him a lot of supplements that haven’t resulted in much improvement, but now he has seen a good doctor who has a good plan for him!

Richard got Walter about 10 years ago. A relative had found him, but couldn’t keep him. Back then Richard was doing pretty good, and he and Walter have had a lot of adventures together over the years. But times are harder now. Richard has developed congestive heart failure, and his family lost their family home. He now lives in a motel with government support.

Walter went to Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Marcos (CA), because Richard is really worried about his cough. But also Walter is getting bloated, and has started peeing in the room, even in his own bed.

The doctor wants to do a test for Cushing’s (read more about Cushing’s here) and get some other treatments going for Walter. We have looked it over and it all seems like a good plan, and Walter’s symptoms definitely sound like Cushing’s, which is easily treated with a daily pill, once properly diagnosed and the medication amount determined.

Richard is a college educated engineer, and still works when he can, but is limited by his health. All donations are for Walter, and paid only to the vet. The estimate is below, please click to enlarge:

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