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About the Campaign

Poor Velcro Freaks out from the Dental Pain!

You can see in the video above, when he hits the nerves in his mouth, and just cannot take it, and reacts to the sharp, sudden pain.

Velcro was raised from a new-born kitten by Judy. Judy had taken in Velcro’s mother who was found stray and pregnant. When she had her kittens Judy adopted them all out, except for the smallest, little Velcro.

He turned out to just be the best kitty ever. When Judy was still able to work, he would wait for her at the door and greet her excitedly when she came home, just like dogs usually do!

Recent Dental Problems

Starting about 6 months ago Judy started noticing that Velcro would sometimes act weird when eating. She got him to the vet who diagnosed Velcro with some severe dental/gum issues that require extractions and surgery.

Judy started trying to save for the surgery and switched to soft food. But even that causes problems for him now (see the video), and it has gotten to where Judy has to sit with him and feed him soft piece by piece. Even then he sometimes hits the wrong spot and it really hurts. He has just started in the last weeks to eat less and skip meals, and is losing weight now. He needs surgery soon!

How You Can Help Velcro

Judy has not been able to save the money needed as she is now on a fixed income (Social Security) and we need to get Velcro his surgery soon. Donations are only for Velcro, and will only be paid to his vet when surgery is provided! Donate in confidence today!

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  • Carolyn Reath

    Velcro is my roommate’s kitty and I see him suffering so. He’s such a love when he is not in pain. We all deserve to live as pain free as possible. Please donate TODAY! Thanks!

    June 12, 2019 at 8:25 am Reply

  • Anonymous

    Happy to be able to help Velcro Kitty get better 🙂

    July 18, 2019 at 2:43 pm Reply