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Vanilla Bean had a botched surgery and now needs an amputation.
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Little Vanilla Bean

This extra small dog coming in at whopping 3 pounds, had a fall and broke her skinny little leg back in November 2018. Monique, Vanilla Beans mom took her puppy to the vet and realized that the puppy needed an expensive surgery.


Beanie’s surgery was completed on 11/30/18. A few months after recovery, Monique realized that Vanilla Bean wasn’t walking on the leg and not acting right. Monique took her to another vet where they said the plate looked too big for this puppies leg. The vet suggested Beanie to see a specialist. After being examined at the specialist, they too confirmed that the plate was too big for his leg. When the specialist took the bandage off Beanie’s leg they could see the blood flow to the leg wasn’t good and her paw was swollen.



The vet thought that maybe they would put in a smaller plate to help the leg heal. But the second visit the specialist saw too much damage. The vet suggests that the leg be amputated. If the leg stays the way it is the chances of it re-breaking are high. Vanilla Bean already walks on three legs, she is young and small so she should be the same dog but with three legs.


Vet Estimate:


Monique had to borrow about $3,000 for the first surgery. Monique is still paying for the last surgery and needs so assistance paying for the amputation.

Vanilla Bean does have a Gofundme but it hasn’t been successful:

All donations are tax deductible. Free Animal Doctor pays 100% of the money raised to the vet directly.



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One comment

  • Karen Rutz

    I hope some of this money can spill over for the cat.

    May 9, 2019 at 10:46 pm Reply