Attacked by other dogs, she has been surrendered and her rescuers need help with the bills for her extensive injuries!
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About the Campaign

Poor Girl was Severely Hurt

Valentine was attacked by other dogs on the same property. She was severely injured, and not treated right away. Good Samaritans found out about it and rescued her. They got the owner to surrender her and rushed her to an emergency vet. That vet suggested putting her to sleep, but they refused and got her to another vet that is treating her now.

Her rescuers had to pay a $1500 deposit to get started, and have no more funds available. Another $2000+ will be needed, so they have reached out to us to help!

This is the initial message we received:

“hello. so my sister rescued this dog that was attacked twice by another dog the original owner did not take the precautions to prevent this. the dog is in very bad shape and we had to rush her to the medford speciality center. we were not prepared for this amd at this time do not have the funds to help this poor girl. shes such a sweet dog and deserves a chance to live a long happy life.” 

Due to the breed type and other factors we are concerned about the safety of the animals still at the location, and about how this happened. The rescuers have promised to file a report with animal control ASAP, their initial focus has been to get Valentine to a proper vet, and treatment started. We will post more information about reporting this situation shortly.

Vet Documents:

Here is a copy of the initial deposit they paid

And the estimate

All donations are held by us, and will only be paid directly to the vet!

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  • Monica Galvan

    FAD helped me. Im happy to do my best to help. ❤️

    April 18, 2019 at 10:47 pm Reply

  • Anonymous

    Get better Valentine :'(

    April 19, 2019 at 5:29 pm Reply