Cancer tumor (mast-cell) needs removal.
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Poor guy gotta fast growing tumor

and it needs to be removed very soon!

Uzi is a sweet Pittie that was taken in by Tatianna about 5 years ago. Tatianna had gotten a puppy, named Nahla, and as she grew up Tatianna decided Nahla needed a companion! She went back to the person she got Nahla from, and they said that they actually had Nahla’s father, Uzi, but did not want him anymore, so Tatianna took him.

As you might expect Nahla and Uzi are inseparable, and are usually together! Now, twice a year Tatianna takes them both in for check-ups and in early 2021 the doctor found this small bump on Uzi, around the rear.

At first the doctor said just to watch it, and that it was probably not a big deal. And for months everything seemed fine. But suddenly in July the tumor started growing fast. Back at the doctor they now did some tests and a tissue sample, and the results came back as a mast-cell tumor.

Hopefully, if removed early, the tumor has not spread any mast-cells into the body, and a good removal will get all the cancerous cells. Most surgery treatment will be determined after the procedure, when a better test of the tissue cell can be done.

Financial situation:

Tatianna is a full-time student, and Navy veteran. She does not have the money available to pay for this procedure, and needs help to get Uzi the life saving surgery he needs! She has gotten a part-time job, just started, to help get some money for Uzi, and she started a GoFundMe before she heard about Free Animal Doctor, but it hasn’t raised much: GoFundMe for Uzi.

All donations made here are for Uzi only, and only paid to the doctor when Uzi get’s his surgery! Please donate in confidence to help Uzi today, wooooof!

Vet Estimate (click to enlarge):

Tissue report (click to enlarge):


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  • Laura Anjoorian

    Hoping you get a chance with this,

    September 27, 2021 at 3:24 pm Reply