Poor kitty cannnot pee. She hasn't peed in days and urgently needs vet care!
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Tweeka was rescued as a kitten by Melissa. She was the runt of a litter, and was going to be put-to-sleep, but 4 years ago Melissa took her and she has been a great kitty!

Three weeks ago Melissa had a car accident, and injured herself badly. Unable to care for her cat she sent it to live with a foster/friend until she recovers (she has multiple broken bones.)

Everything was fine until a Monday night the foster called and said that Tweeka wasn’t peeing. She tries, but nothing comes out. It is not getting better and Tweeka urgently needs to see a vet.

Most likely it is an infection, or bladder stones. Obviously her bladder needs to be drained, it is painful, and if it burst she will die. Also, backed up urine can ruin the kidneys, leading to death, in an otherwise easily treated situation.

Unfortunately everyone is broke! Melissa has had no income for a month with her accident, and has had lots of expenses related to it. They have managed to scrape up the $28 for an exam today, but we know Tweeka will need more.

This is a SUPER URGENT case so we are putting it up now, even though we do not have the full medical story yet. Sorry, we also only have a few pictures right now. We will be updating as we get more info. But it is certain the vet will need to do a urinalysis and blood work! Thank you!

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