Tommy Cat

Poor kitty had reoccurring infections in his ear that turned out to be a deep polyp that must be removed.

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Tommy has a swollen ear, 

and it will not get better!

At first the doctor thought it was an infection, and one ear did clear up. But the other did not, and there is a polyp inside that keeps swelling and is very painful, causing reoccurring infections.

His owner Kimberly rescued him as a very young kitten, which is when he lost his eye. Since then Tommy has been a happy and healthy cat, until last September when he started rubbing at his ears and acting strangely. It took a lot of vet visits, and treatments for infections, but the doctors have finally determined what is wrong with Tommy and what he needs.

Unfortunately this type of ear surgery on cats is complex and requires a specialist. Tommy needs surgery that will either remove the polyp or have to remove the entire ear, which will be determined during the procedure. But he is in constant pain now, and gets repeated infections, so the surgery is a must.

Tired from all the reading!

Tommy is only three years old, and has a lot more cat trouble to cause in the world, so let’s get him fixed up! All donations are just for Tommy and paid only to the vet when surgery is performed. Kimberly has already raised almost $1400 with a GoFundMe (HERE) so Tommy is on his way already!

Vet estimates (click to enlarge):

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