Stopped drinking and eating, and won't stand up. Owners cannot afford the necessary tests.
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About the Campaign

A bit more than a week back Toffee started acting a little strange. At first she would just not eat that much, and seemed a bit sleepier than normal. Then she would get a little better….. then seemed a little worse.

Starting to feel sick

Her owners (the Foreman’s) have had her since she was a puppy, she’s now almost 8 years-old. She’s always been healthy, so they thought maybe it was just an upset tummy or a little cold or something.

Seemed to be better

But then it got worse. She started vomiting and sometimes wouldn’t stand up. Then she stopped eating food.


They took her to a local vet, and he thought she might be diabetic, did a blood test, and her white blood cells were very elevated. But they didn’t have the money for more tests and had to stop with an estimate of about $600-800 for tests and then more for whatever treatments would be needed.

Getting pretty bad

The Foreman’s started contacting every charity they knew for help, and finally got connected with Fix’N Fidos and Tails that Teach. Fix’N Fidos offered a $500 donation, and Tails that Teach got Toffee to their vet at a considerable discount.

You can follow Fix'N Fidos on Instagram here:

And Tails that Teach here:

What Toffee Needs

She has diabetes, and possibly Cushing’s disease. She got a whole bunch of tests done, and the vet stabilized her with IV fluids. She has been staying at the vet under 24 hour observation, and he white blood cell count is becoming more normal. Not all the test results are in, but the vet has given us a verbal estimate of close to $1000 once everything is done, including medications etc. If you can donate to help Ms. Toffee get better, she and her family would appreciate it very much! WOOOOF!

The day she went to the vet


At the vet, checking in


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  • Les Cook

    want to see her get help.

    May 25, 2020 at 11:19 pm Reply

  • Nia McLeod

    I hope your little one feels better soon!

    May 28, 2020 at 7:03 pm Reply