Little kitty won't eat, needs dental surgery urgently.
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About the Campaign

Thummy is funded! THANK YOU DONORS!

The cute kitty with the big eyes,

and the terrible teeth!

About a month ago Samantha saw a post on social media, a local military family was being deployed overseas, and could not keep their cat. They were asking if anyone could take the kitty, and Samantha agreed.

But once Samantha got little Thummy home, she noticed that Thummy seemed to drool, more than would be normal. As the days went on she also noticed that the little kitty barely ate. At first Samantha thought that maybe Thummy was just nervous in her new home, but she also was suspicious something was wrong with Thummy’s mouth. She started to check, and Thummy would not let Samantha touch her mouth. Also, Thummy’s breath was bad…… and Samantha began to notice that Thummy whines and mews, more than in normal and often for no reason.

Obviously Samantha put two-and-two together and realized something was wrong. Thummy was only five pounds, and looked underweight. So, off to the vet they went!

The Diagnosis

As Samantha suspected, Thummy has severe dental disease. The little kitty will need extensive dental work, and is clearly in pain now. The gum infection is serious, and in addition to the pain, can spread disease into the stomach and even cause a very serious internal infection that could be life threatening.

Samantha is a college student, and was not prepared to take on this financial cost. She has some money she can contribute, but she has already spent on Thummy’s first exam. In addition she started a GoFundMe that has raised $100, which you can see HERE.

All donations are for Thummy specifically, and only paid to the vet for her surgery. Can you help Thummy today?



Vet estimate (click to enlarge):

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One comment

  • Sofia Garcia

    When I found this site I couldn’t decide which pet to donate to, but this cat looked just like mine and it made me think if it was me in the situation asking for help.

    October 14, 2020 at 8:16 pm Reply