He’s just a baby, under a year old, and could suddenly lose his vision forever!

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Baby Dog Going Blind

Thor is not yet a year old, but he has a genetic condition: Hereditary Cataracts. He is already going blind and often stumbles into things and is starting to have trouble navigating his home.

You can see the cataracts here as well (click to enlarge the photo)

His condition came on quickly, with his eyes just starting to look a little cloudy only last month. Since then they have gotten worse very quickly. As the cataracts get worse, Thor will lose all his vision. Additionally, this condition leads to severe glaucoma, pressure build up inside the eye, and will damage his eyes completely, to where he will need them removed.

12 week old Thor

There are only two solutions for this condition: cataract surgery, or the removal of both eyes. Fortunately, cataract surgery not only will replace his damaged lenses, but will help with the glaucoma as well. The difference is simply price. Cataract surgery is costly, and eye removal is much cheaper.

Thor is just now 11 months old, and he was born with perfect vision, this has all come on just in the last month or so, it would be a real shame if he had to permanently lose his vision now.

Thor’s owner Biana has already spent a few thousand dollars on his treatment, and has gotten him the tests necessary to show that he will benefit from cataract surgery, which are not cheap. She also has a couple of thousand dollars still available on credit…. but cataract surgery is pricey, close to $5000, so she and Thor need help.

All donations made here are only for Thor, and are held by us and paid only to Thor’s doctor when he get’s his surgery. Donate in confidence, you are donating to Thor!

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  • Bonnie Diener

    For Thor

    November 9, 2023 at 2:30 pm Reply