Ear tumor
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About the Campaign

Big Ear Tumor

Grew very fast, needs surgery quickly

Squirt is a cute and friendly kitty with a growing problem, a tumor in his ear! He was one of many in a rescue litter of kittens 3 years ago. All of the kitties got adopted, except for Squirt because he had FELV (Feline Leukemia Virus).

So Squirt has stayed with his rescuers, and has been living a normal and happy little fur-life, until about 2 months ago when a small bump was noticed inside his ear. At first it didn’t seem like a big deal. But sometime later it not only had not gone away, it was a little bigger. And then suddenly, it grew almost every day!

The vet

Of course Squirt was taken to the vet. The bottom line is the tumor must be removed. In the pictures it looks bloody, but it has not burst (yet), but the blood flow around the tumor makes it very red. The doctor wants to do the surgery as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the doctor expects the final cost to come in on the high end, so we are expecting about $1000. Squirt’s humans have about $150, but need help raising the remaining amount. As always, donations are only for Squirt, and are paid only to the vet! No fees are deducted. What you donate to Squirt is paid to the vet. Can you help Squirt today? It’s urgent!

Vet Estimate

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