Springsteen has tumors, one is under his leg and is is unable to put weight on that leg.
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After Patricia lost her Basset hound, Bruce, she needed to replace her emptiness with a new fur baby. Patricia got Bruce as a little puppy, Patricia replied to a labradoodle post over nine years ago.


Over the summer Patricia started to notice little bumps on Springsteen. Bruce, Patricia’s first dog, died at a young age of five at cancer. So as soon a the bumps showed up Patricia took Springsteen to the vet to get him checked out.

Patricia has paid for the first two initial vet trips and for the aspiration of the tumors. Luckily, the tumors came back as benign. The bad part is the the tumors are getting larger and the location of the tumor on his hip is causing it hard for Springsteen to walk. There are three tumors, 2 on his shoulder and one on his back leg (hip). The tumor on the hip is growing fast, this tumor is the size of her hand.

The vet said the sooner he removes the tumor the better. The tumors will continue to grow and get harder to remove without causing damage.


Vet Estimate from Springsteen’s tumor removals is written in the bottom of the bill. We have called and confirmed that the vet office doesn’t send out estimates but hand write the estimate on paper. Patricia trusts the vet and has used this vet before with a campaign with us, Free Animal Doctor, years ago.

Free Animal Doctor raises money for sick and injured animals. FAD only raises the amount of money needed stated from the vet. FAD pays all animal veterinary bills directly. All donations are tax deductible.

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One comment

  • Marlene Licitra

    good health to Springsteen

    December 16, 2019 at 7:56 pm Reply