A very bad broken leg that can only be fixed with surgery.

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About the Campaign

We are the community,

for the community cats!

Like Snowpuff. This sweet cat was a community cat: A cat that is outside, but not feral. Snowpuff is friendly and the community takes care of him with food and water and attention.

Margie took a special liking to Snowpuff and she became an indoor cat living with Maggie, but still going out on occasion. In the second week of September, Snowpuff disappeared. She never leaves for a whole day and she was gone for over two days.

But when she showed back up, she was dragging her leg. It was broken. No signs of a fight, or other injury. Did she fall from a great height? Get hit by a car? We don’t know but the break is very bad.

You can see the bone is split almost sideways (click to enlarge):

Snowpuff is at a veterinarian we know well, and has a temporary cast and pain medications. But her leg is so damaged it will only heal with surgery. All donations are for Snowpuff only, and paid only to the vet when the surgery is performed.

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