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This super active Labrador puppy has a double CCL tear. Poor Silas' bones are just scraping against each other and he's in so much PAIN.
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Meet Silas

This oh-so adorable, hyperactive, sweet, Labrador puppy has a double CCL tear that needs to be repaired immediately. Silas is a happy, little pup that loves to run, play, and hang out with his best buddy Marley. But now, Silas is in great pain. When he walks, you can hear the clicking and the cracking of his bones scraping against each other. Silas was seen by a couple veterinarians and had extensive and expensive work done. They prescribed medication, advised lots of rest, and when Silas seemed to be doing a little better he also became immediately worse. About 2 weeks ago, he yelped out in pain and he was completely hobbling. Looking for his owner, Ryan, to comfort him, Silas walked towards him and was popping and cracking the whole way.  Thats when Ryan decided it was time to see an orthopedic surgeon.

We cannot say for sure, but Silas’ CCL disease was more than likely a result from poor  breeding. Although he’s an AKC pure bread Labrador, the breeder didn’t have any papers on Silas and he wasn’t what you would call a responsible breeder. So, Silas’ CCL disease is guessed to be a genetic issue as it has happened in both of his legs. However, his hips, knees, elbows, etc are in great condition he’ll be golden once the CCL tears have been repaired.

Ryan has always loved Labradors. He’s always wanted a Labrador and thinks their the greatest thing ever! As a kid, being around them brought joy and love to his life. So, naturally he wanted a buddy to share his life with. Silas is Ryan’s best buddy. Ryan got Silas when he was around 4-6 weeks old from a breeder. Silas was meant to be not only a best friend but a running partner. Ryan did his research; Labradors are high energy dogs, ideal for jogging and long distance running. He took Silas to the vet for an opinion on the high energy life he’d have Silas living and when he got the A-Okay,  Silas and Ryan began their favorite pastime.

“He was killing and loving it!” Ryan says. He slowly introduced Silas in to the runner’s life and after some time, he finally got Silas jogging up to about 1 mile. Then, one day while running , Ryan noticed Silas was dragging behind. When he realized that Silas had come to a full stop he was concerned because he didn’t even want to get up. Only 6 months old, and it seemed that Silas was having an issue with his legs. Ryan took him to see a veterinarian and did a bunch of work, spending lots of money, and after 4 months went to get another opinion. It was at this point that Silas was put on special food. He would take supplements and as for his running days, they seemed over. For 2 months, there was no running only rest. But of course, this new puppy was so very playful. Ryan did his best to monitor him and make sure Silas didn’t push himself too far but he began to permanently limp. For some reason,  vets couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Now, Silas is almost 2 years old and he’s still popping and cracking his way across the yard. When Ryan finally received a diagnosis from the  orthopedic surgeon he felt some relief but some worry as well. The surgeon explained that Silas’ bones are basically sliding off each other and it’s very painful. His left side was injured at 6 months, he was so young that he was able to  build fatty tissue to cushion the scraping but now, that he was older the right side couldn’t do the same. Silas is 60lbs  and he can’t stand or use his back legs at all. He’s doing all he can to put as little amount of pressure on his back legs as possible. Silas’ legs need to be fixed or he may have to be put down. He’s in too much pain he can’t live like this.

Silas Estimate

Ryan has had to wrestle with these incredibly hard decisions. Does he put his best friend down? Is there a rescue that will save him if surrendered? or will he end up in a shelter to live a life of possible neglect and unhappiness? No, he will do everything in his power to get Silas the surgery he needs. Ryan even started a Gofundme campaign before he found us. He put $500 of his own money to jump things off but now realizes that he has to pay to get it all back for Silas. Ryan has exhausted his resources for years and finally with a diagnosis and an estimate, he can’t seem to figure where the funding will come from. Thats where you come in! If you’re reading this story, you have the power to save this puppy’s life! Every donation counts, no matter the amount. Every comment, share, and prayer help Silas get closer and closer to his surgery. This is a two part fundraiser! This fundraiser is for Silas’ first surgery and we will run another campaign for his second.

Please Help Silas Walk Again!

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