Shining Pearl

Needs her tumors removed immediately. Once removed will be biopsied.
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About the Campaign


Pearl is beautiful dog is 9 year old all black Cocker Spaniel. Pearl seems to be following in her mothers genetic footsteps. Pearl’s mother, Ebony, had cancer. The good news is once Ebony’s 17 tumors were removed she lived another 5 years. Pearl got first growth on her stomach about three months ago. Three weeks ago her second lesion popped up on her ear. There is a good chance that once Pearl’s tumors are removed she could have another few years as well.


Type of cancer

Looking at the tumor the vet suspects the cancer is capsulated (meaning the cancer would be contained). This would be a good out coming. Due to Pearl’s history the biopsy can’t be done until the tumors are removed, to prevent the cancer from possibly spreading.



Pearl comes first

Pearl’s family is asking for help to get rid of her tumors. They have already put the money they have towards Pearl instead of paying for their car note.

Here is the estimate of the last vet, $1,769. The first vet estimated the removed of the mass to be close to $7,000. Pearls family just paid for the blood panel so the new estimated cost is $1585.

Vet estimate:




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