Very painful teeth and gums have this poor guy shutting down. He’s barely walking around anymore when he used to be so active.

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Seven is the magic number!

He spells it Sevyn, fair enough little doggo! Sevyn is an eight year-old Yorkie adopted by Ronald about four years ago. Ronald found him stray, not microchipped and ended up keeping him.

Now Sevyn, how do we say this nicely….. he’s a little chucky. A bit round. A chub. But he is (or at least was) a very active boy. He was chunky like this when Ronald found him those years ago, and until recently an active little guy going on multiple walks a day! So what happened? Well bad teeth and a dental infection. He also has some sort of “skin-tag” or growth on his belly.

Ronald took him to the vet, and the doctor says his teeth are at the point where it makes it hard for him to eat. Sevyn also is just laying around now, see how lethargic he is in the video above. He’s probably in chronic pain, and for some dogs this will cause them to sort of shutdown. Personally, we have noticed this is Yorkie types before ourselves also.

Ronald is retired on a limited income. He does have some credit available to cover part of the cost, but for Sevyn to get his teeth fixed and this growth off is going to take all of us dog lovers chipping in a bit! All donations are just for Sevyn and paid only to the vet when the procedure is performed. Here is the estimate:

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  • Anonymous

    Poor baby and tooth/gum pain is horrible. Prayers for quick funding to get this pup out of pain.

    April 21, 2024 at 6:47 am Reply