Her family adopted her from the animal shelter recently, and it turns out she has a lot of health issues!

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Sammie is a sweetheart!

Paula adopted Sammie out of the county animal shelter just five months ago! Her family saw Sammie at the shelter, not getting adopted, and did an introduction. Sammie was so sweet and even Paula’s young child Sadie played with her, and was so excited to be with Sammie right away!

So they took Sammie home. Now the shelter did know that Sammie had been used as a breeding dog, and she did have some skin allergies, but that was all that was said. Paula took her to the vet for prescriptions for her allergies, and there they found out more. Sammie has a heart murmur and “dry eye”, a condition that can lead to scratching the eye and even blindness without medications.

Allergies and swelling on Sammie:

That meant over $100 a month in medications for Sammie. And then about a month ago Paula noticed something else, a lump, a tumor… on Sammie’s mammaries. They doctor thinks it is probably a mammary tumor, cancerous. It has been caught early. But it needs to be removed ASAP.

Her tumor:

Financial situation

Paula is going to have a second baby soon, and had to go on leave from her job, and there have been a lot of expenses with Sammie, not just the medications, but getting the vet visits up to now also. The family just does not have the money, nor the credit, to cover the surgery cost.

We love that they went to the shelter, and looked for the overlooked dog. The one that wasn’t getting adopted, and gave her a chance! And we love that Sammie is such a sweetie! Let’s help this girl have the surgery she needs, and the happiness of a real home. Can you make a donation to Sammie today?

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):


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