Torn ACL, needs knee surgery to walk without pain.
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About the Campaign

Sadie was rescued as a puppy. Janell found a litter of six puppies abandoned at the trash-dumpsters of a school near her home. People often dump animals in this area. She took the litter in, and got all them vetted and then adopted, keeping Sadie.

What happened

Earlier this year Sadie started limping, and having trouble standing up. The vet determined that both her knees had torn ACLs, the anterior cruciate ligament. In dogs this injury will not heal on its own, and surgery is the recommended option.

Janell takes in dogs and cats that she finds, and had just spent close to $3000 on another dog with a hip issue. However, she went ahead and paid another $4000+ for Sadie to have her first surgery. The normal method is that the doctor does surgery on one leg at a time, with about 4-12 weeks between procedures. Now that Sadie’s first surgery has been done, and the leg has healed and she can walk normally on her right leg, it is time to do the second surgery.

Financial situation

Janell teaches pre-school, and with COVID the school is closed. Pre-school is not doing online teacher, so she is pretty much out of a job at the moment. Having already paid for the first surgery, and now with this job loss, she does not have the money for the second and final surgery for Sadie.

But, it is important to do this surgery soon! Sadie is not putting much weight on her left leg, and in fact sometimes completely holds it up, as it must be quite painful. This means all (or most) of the weight is going to the right leg, which cannot continue for too long or Sadie could damage her surgery there!

Sadie is a young girl, and this surgery has a very good success rate; her first surgery has gone great! This final surgery should set Sadie up to be pain free, and walking and running normally for the rest of her life. Let’s get this done for her, WOOF!

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