Roxy Cat

This kitty just needs a little bit of help to get a whole lot better!

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About the Campaign

Horrible rash, easily treated!

Roxy Cat was a kind of a gift, but also a rescue. Kellymae got him from a friend, when Roxy was still a kitten. The friend had adopted Roxy to another person, but that person said her boyfriend was hitting the cat, and so she took Roxy back. Having no where for the kitty to go, Kellymae took him in. And yes, Roxy is a boy, despite his name 🙂

Roxy got a bad infection last year on his tail, just like he has gotten again now (see below, tail and rear):

Last year a combined treatment of an anti-fungal cream and an antibiotic cleared it up. The cost was $192.

Two weeks ago this condition started again on Roxy, and Kellymae cannot afford even the $200. She has contacted the vet and they say it will be the same price, but she does not qualify for any Care Credit. Kellymae just had heart surgery, and is on SSDI.

So the good news is that Roxy Cat just needs about $200 to get a treatment we know works! All donations are held by us, and only paid to the vet! Let’s put crowd funding in action!! Donate as little as $3.00, just three bucks! You can’t buy a Coke for $3.00 these days, but you can help a sweet kitty get all better. Since not much money is need this is a great opportunity for everyone to pitch in a little and make a big impact on the life of one animal. Thank you!



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  • Anonymous

    I feel his pain.. ..

    December 7, 2023 at 12:52 pm Reply