Her long nail beds needs to be surgically cut back so she can walk without pain!
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About the Campaign


Rosie was born in a puppy mill in Dallas. She spent the first couple months of life in a cage. Because of this she never had her nails cut as a puppy. Vivian and Bill adopted Rosie from Petsmart about three years ago. Rosie is a three and a half year old half boxer / dachshund mix.

William and Rosie 


Rosie needs to be put under to have her nail beds cauterized back to a healthy length so she can have her nails trimmed. At this point the quick of the nail has grown out and she can’t have her nails trimmed. When she walks her nails hit the ground and cause pain from the pressure from walking.



The bill below is for Rosie to have her nails trimmed and have routine shots and testing done. We are only raising money for the nail part of the bill. Rosie’s parents are on a fixed income and need assistance raising the funds.

Help me! I am in pain walking.





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