Romeo’s Last Surgery

Romeo has one more TPLO surgery to go! Please help this handsome pup walk again!
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About the Campaign

On Monday, the 21st, Romeo went in for surgery and did great! The doctor says his leg looked textbook perfect. Romeo will need to be monitored with x-rays for the next few months because the axis of his leg was so bad. However, everything looks A-Okay!

What Happened

If you remember, Romeo has arthritis and ruptured ligaments. In  2017, Mercedes raised funds everywhere she could in order to pay for Romeo’s very first surgery. Her veterinarian at the time suggested a surgery called Tight Rope surgery. The result of this surgery was worse than the initial injury. What Romeo needed was TPLO surgery and unfortunately due to a veterinarians poor judgement, Romeo was left in pain and discomfort.

Once Mercedes began working at the VCA she learned so much more about Romeo and his needs. She contacted us here at Free Animal Doctor and we raised $2170 for his first TPLO surgery.


So What Now?

Its time to fundraise for Romeo’s second surgery. Let’s face it, one working leg won’t cut it (especially on a large dog). Mercedes is very thankful for all the donations and support they’ve received. She does all she can when it comes to caring for Romeo’s general care and bumps along the way. She pays the Adequin shots and pain mediation he needs while waiting for funds. This bump in the road was just bit too big for her to handle on her own so we’re doing what we can to help. Now that half the battle is over we want to help Romeo with the last leg of his journey.

Like any puppy, Romeo is full of love and energy. He can’t wait to get back to his old routines and days at the dog beach. He’s taking recovery day by day and I’m sure can’t wait to get back out there.  Please help this lovable handsome little guy walk again!


Romeo in physical therapy

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  • Anonymous

    Good luck Romeo!! You are doing so well. We love you so much you big goofball!!

    June 8, 2018 at 11:44 pm Reply