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Walking on three legs and barely able to make it to the backyard to use the potty
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Finally diagnosed with a tear in his leg

It took a while to finally diagnose Rocky with the tear. After two trips to the vet Rocky was diagnosed with a  cranial cruciate ligament, or CCL – similar to the ACL in humans. This ligament connects the back of the femur (the bone above the knee) with the front of the tibia (the bone below the knee).

When Rocky first has his injury, Rocky’s mom, Lori, wanted to see if the injury would heal on its own. Lori bought a leg brace for Rocky to wear and also bought a brace to help her pick him up to go up and down the three stairs in the backyard.

The injury was brought to Lori’s attention back in March. The first visit the vet suggested arthritis. After a few weeks went by the leg wasn’t getting any better the vet suggested bone spurs. The final conclusion: a tear in the ligament. Rocky’s treatment is currently three pain medicines.

Lori was worried about the recovery period for Rocky being 8 years old. The vet says the outcome is very positive.

Rocky was adopted by Lori from a shelter in Indiana. Lori was looking for a Corgi and she found Rocky. The only thing she knew about Rocky was he was found stray on the street.

Lori’s back would also benefit from the surgery. Rocky is a 60 pounder and it takes a toll on Lori’s back to pull him up the stairs in the backyard.

Click the blue link for the vet estimate for Rocky: LORI BROOKS – BROOKVILLE RD ANIMAL HOSP SURGERY QUOTE



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  • Anonymous

    Love dogs & cats..all animals

    August 8, 2019 at 12:12 pm Reply

  • Lori

    To Rocky’s Donors…

    I just want to thank you, for your donations for his care. Rocky is having surgery Wed. Aug. 21st
    It is going to be a very long 8 weeks for recovery. Thank you soo much for donating to our boy ❤️ 🐾

    August 20, 2019 at 3:52 pm Reply

  • Abigail Vela

    Love and best wishes for Rocky’s treatment. Wish I could give more.

    August 20, 2019 at 5:39 pm Reply