Sweet Boxer needs cancer surgery.
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About the Campaign

This cute Boxer Boy has had allergy issues for years, but just recently he’s developed something worse: Squamous Cell Carcinomas, in other words, cancer.

Rocky came home with Shantel as a puppy and has been a healthy and happy boy for nearly seven years…. almost. He does have chronic allergy issues which he gets medication for, and he had problem with an ulcer on his testicles requiring a full neuter last year, the removal of the entire scrotum. As a boxer he is at higher risk than the average dog for certain cancers, and the doctor warned Shantel to watch for them.

This Year

Rocky went to the vet for a check up in February, and there was a kind of weird and ugly little sore on his side. The doctor prescribed antibiotics, thinking it looked like an infection, and have him another round of allergy medications.

Well, a few weeks went by and it didn’t get better… and a new spot grew up on his eye too! On the return visit the doctor determined it was indeed cancer. The good news: caught super early! Rocky needs the sore and the area around it removed, and the spot on his eye taken off as well.

Financial situation:

For a cancer treatment the cost is not bad at all, but Rocky’s mom Shantel has spent a lot on him recently, from the full neuter, to his other treatments. She put the last one on credit with ScratchPay and has no more available. Rocky is in a good place actually for a cancer diagnosis, and if can get his surgery soon he should be just fine! All donations are specifically for Rocky, and only paid to the vet, so can you help Rocky get the procedure he needs today? WOOOOF!!

Vet estimate, (click to enlarge):

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  • Joe Waldholtz

    Get Well Soon

    March 8, 2021 at 4:27 am Reply

  • Donna

    Good luck and its important to do the surgery soon.

    March 8, 2021 at 8:54 am Reply