Needs treatment for Stomatitis, especially urgently due to already having FIV.

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Stomatitis and FIV,

a bad combination.

Rio has both. This cute kitty was part of a group of stray cats, but the person feeding them noticed that Rio was friendly and approachable, not behaving like the more feral other cats. She showed Rio to Tracy, and Tracy managed to trap him and get him to a vet.

Rio did turn out to be very sweet, and Tracy kept him, although the vet diagnosed Rio with FIV, a immunodeficiency virus that is similar to AIDS in humans. There is some treatment and management of FIV that can be done, and it is also good for Rio to be in a home, and neutered if he has this condition.

That’s all great for him, but developing Stomatitis is not. It is a poorly understood diseases that effects about 10% of cats nowadays, and is connected to an immune system problem. The most common treatment is to remove all the teeth, which is perfectly fine for a house cat, and usually stops the disease completely in almost all cases (over 90%).

But, having FIV and another immune system related disease is a serious issue, so Rio needs this procedure absolutely as soon as is possible. Tracy has arranged a good price, with a rescue discount, and can contribute some, but she cannot afford the full cost of the procedure. All donations are for Rio, and paid only to the vet. Please see the estimate below (you can click to enlarge):

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