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Six dogs, and four puppies need our help. It won't take a lot, but it will HELP a lot!!
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Puppies and More!

A little can really help a lot here, let’s tell you the story:

Ana runs a small rescue, Vader’s Justice Foundation. Like a lot of small rescues Ana runs the rescue with her own money. Over the weekend of November 3rd and 4th Ana was basically robbed of all her funds, her rent money, everything! She quite literally lost it all.

Pitts and Puppies

This same weekend Pearl, on of her rescues, had four puppies! She’s a cute Maltipoo, and the puppies will be so cute too! But puppies mean money! They need shots, they need to see the vet, they need pee-pads. They’re puppies!

Another rescue, a Pitt named Blossom, has developed a probable skin infection. They have been trying to treat her, but it is becoming clear that Blossom is going to have to go the vet.

Blossom probably has allergies, which have led to scratching, which has led to infection. We think it will be fairly easy to treat, but Blossom needs to get to vet, and probably get antibiotics and antiseptic shampoo.

Foster Dogs Gotta Eat!

Ana has taken a number of the rescues in, including Felon and Iris:

But Blossom, Chapo, Junior, Snoopy and Pearl with the puppies are with fosters, and most of these pups are big dogs that gotta eat! With the theft of her money Ana is short and needs help to keep these pups fed! And then there are pee-pads and other little things like that!

Let’s throw this rescue a bone!

Can you help with a donation today to get the puppies vetted, Blossom to the vet, and help keep the other dogs with full bellies! A little helps a lot here! Thanks and WOOOF!

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  • Jacqueline Dodd

    Keep up the good work, Anna!

    November 7, 2018 at 10:14 am Reply

  • tim Green

    for that lovely looking pearl and all those that help these dogs thank you

    November 7, 2018 at 1:01 pm Reply